A simple and beautiful Japanese house

When you see the House of Ujna for the first time, you have the impression of finding yourself in front of a miniature house. Located in Hiroshima,Japan, this building is the image of the typical Japanese simplicity, with a normal pitched roof.  The same material used for the roof also covers the exterior wall, providing privacy in a crowded area, ensuring the intimacy we all feel the need to have.

Natural lighting is essential and closely linked to the roof, the open space in the house being opposite the exclusive view and following the same pattern of privacy. There are not only windows for lighting, but also windows for ventilation; the use of wood offers that cozy feeling that we all yearn for, the warm tones provide the impression of a wider space, a pleasant atmosphere, simple and modern at the same time.

The furniture in the kitchen for example is simple and modern, in the same tone with the rest of the house and this natural aspect makes you feel good and want to spend time here. What Maker succeeded to do was to build a very nice house using the space as well as possible, in order to feel comfortable and at ease given the crowded area. A simple and beautiful home provides everything you could require from a house.{found on archdaily and designed by Maker}

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