A Retreat like no other in the South-Indian Countryside

The retreat in the picture constitutes another world, one that can be found in the South-Indian Countryside. Nothing compares to the result Mancini architects brought to life.What else can you add to a world that already has 3 houses, a pool with pavilion, suspended gardens, outdoor bathrooms, savanna and the most spectacular views. The mixture of traditional buildings and large roof-overhangs, but also the thermal mass in the hot climate of the south Indian countryside contribute to create a very pleasant and attractive atmosphere.

The architectural and interior elements are the work of local craftsmen and the infrastructure is under the sign of sustainability. The surrounding environment is more than inviting, the presence of wood inside gives a warm air, impossible not to like. The wide glass doors and windows open in front of the eyes and reveal a green world and enchanting views. Nothing compares to the simplicity and good taste provided by the bedroom with white curtains and black furniture, as nothing is more appealing than beauty through simplicity and elegance.

The idea of simplicity can also be met in the living room; in the same black and white ambiance, the bed full of colorful pillows and the statues in the corners give life and personality to the space. The natural pieces that decorate the house provide a natural tone in a generally natural environment where simplicity and good taste are the key elements that make everything nice and inviting in a dream place and a unique retreat!

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