A renovated 1938 residence with an elegant vibe

House N was originally built in 1938 but it definitely doesn’t look old now. Located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, this beautiful residence just got a makeover. It has been renovated in 2012 and now it has a modern and very elegant look. The project was developed by Maxwan in collaboration with structural engineer F. Wiggers – Varsseveld.

Originally, the N House was the holiday home of a concrete factory owner. With time, it got old and the weather definitely had something to do with it. It came a time when this building was in bad need of a renovation. So in 2012 it finally got a makeover. Lots of changes and repairs had to be made. The roof had to be replaced entirely and the basement needed a lot of attention as well. The windows were outdated so they had to be replaced as well. Moreover, some of the spaces were too small so the client wanted something to be done about it.

But all these changes that had to be made didn’t destroy the original character of the house. Some of the original features have been preserved and everything is now in perfect harmony. A new living room was designed. It extends into the back garden and it has floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. Natural light floods the room and panoramic views of the garden and the sea can be admired from this room.

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The house also got a new kitchen. It’s located on the opposite side from the living room and it’s incorporated in a single concrete block. These two extensions were separated from the existing structure. The spiral staircase connects the levels and adds elegance to the design. The laser-cut pattern definitely adds character to this house and makes it even more charming. Overall, the renovation came out beautiful.{found on archdaily}.



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