A refreshing white residence in Japan

This is the Montblanc House and it’s located in a peaceful residential area in Japan. The name of the house is actually very well chosen and very suggestive. The house is tall, white and it has a shape that resembles a mountain. The Montblack residence was a project by Okazaki-based Studio Velocity.

As you can see, the house was built on a very tight site and the other residences around it seem to almost suffocate it. It’s surrounded by three other buildings but it’s the only one with such a modern and eye-catching design. even though it sits on such a tight space, the residence benefits from pockets of open space so it’s not as cramped as it seems. Also, the three-storey building benefits from beautiful views of the nearby mountains.

The architecture of this house is simple but very complex. There’s a very strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces achieved through asymmetrical voids in the walls. This creates alternative spaces and also allows plenty of natural light to get in. The house’s playful inclined roof makes it stand out in the area and also contributes to the resemblance with an actual mountain.

The interior spaces of this house are spacious and airy. There’s a small garden located on the first floor, a fresh addition to the house. Also, there are several outdoor terraces that connect the indoor/outdoor areas.

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