A redesigned ranch house by Bohl Architects

This ranch house is located in Annapolis, Maryland. It was designed by Y. Toshimoto back in 1970 and its structure also included a detached studio. Unfortunately, as time passed, the studio started to deteriorate. Also, it was placed in an area that didn’t really allow it to grow and rise to its potential.

In 2008 the owners decided to finally do something about that. The original studio was too deteriorated and there wasn’t much to be saved from there. So it was removed and a new studio was built on top of the existing foundation. Bohl Architects were responsible with the construction of the new studio. Project architect Chip Bohl together with consultant Berliner Construction Co., Inc. worked together to come up with a new design that would better integrate in that area.

The new fireplace is now a more open place, with glass windows covering most of the walls and with a very beautiful new fireplace. The studio now has a more modern look but it still matched the rest of the house. It’s more inviting and cozy, nothing like the old studio, dark and uninviting.

The studio has a steel frame that supports the wooden ceiling and the glass windows and door. It offers beautiful views toward the water and the surrounding nature. This project shows us that even though something seems irreclaimable, there’s always something you can do about it, even if it means starting all over.{found on archdaily and pics by Ron Solomon}

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