A ranch tranformed into a modern residence in Minnesota

Usually violent storms and winds are something to be worried about, especially when you see your house being destroyed by them. In such cases it’s very hard to see the bright side of an apparently hopeless situation. But when this couple found their home damaged by the storm and the knocked down trees, they didn’t let themselves get depressed. Instead, they saw in this an opportunity to start over.This used to be a mid-1990s house on a small plot in Minnesota. It was sitting on a small lot where the owner had plans to someday build a dream home. But it wasn’t until 2008 when a tornado damaged the existing house that the owner finally began building it. He decided to take advantage of the situation and start over.

He used wood from the knocked down trees and he also sued other recycled materials and he finally built this beautiful new house. It’s a contemporary residence that measures a total of 4200 square feet.The house is located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. It belongs to architects Dave Solner and his wife Chip. The couple bought that piece of land with big plans. They saw the potential of the site and dreamed to someday build a dream home on that land. But a decade later they were still in that old home.

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This is one of the few cases when something good came out of a natural disaster. When in August 2008 a storm with 70-mile-per-hour winds knocked down dozens of trees and damaged their house as well as the small rental home they owned next door, the couple finally decided it was time to start their project. It was the perfect opportunity.

The couple was helped by friends, neighbors and hired workers and it only took them several weeks to get started. They used salvaged wood and other materials found on the site after the tornado. Mr Solner had a lot of experience in the domain and this made everything a lot easier. The new home was quickly completed and the owners spent $900,000 with this project. Now they finally have the dream home they always wanted.{found on wsj}.



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