A piece of luxury in the middle of nature

There are people that really love nature. And for those of you who love waking up in the morning and hear the sea knocking on your door, and the perfect way nature stays, there`s a house for you in Big Sur California. Designed by Carver and Schicketanz, this propriety called the Dani Ridge House is an absolutely amazing home that fits perfect in the landscape.

That`s because the house isn`t designed to be noticed and it keeps a very quiet atmosphere, like she isn`t there. Because it has only a floor and the roof is covered with grass, the awesome thing about this house it is that it easily fits in the landscape, without disturbing the view. And, for those who live in, wide windows let the natural light and heat come in and it makes you feel like you are living in nature. Instead, you are not only enjoying nature`s benefits, but you are also living in a fancy and stylish home, completely equipped and with all the utilities.

The house is so well designed to not disturb the place that they put all the utilities, including the 500 gallon water storage tank underground.It`s a piece of luxury cut in a natural place, but it is very well disguised, so nobody will notice it.

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If you want your piece of tranquility, without hearing your neighbors fighting or you simply want a place where to escape from your daily routine, here you`ll find that silence and not only. Imagine the amazing mornings when only the sun wakes you up and you find yourself in the hands of nature. These are precious moments that charge your batteries so you can go on with your busy life.{pictures by Robert}.



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