A perfect sanctuary for the owner

Watersmark 35 is an interestingly-looking house located at the end of a road in Austin. It was a project by Mell Lawrence Architects and it was designed as a peaceful retreat for the clients. The owners requested a sort of sanctuary, a quiet and peaceful place where they could go to recharge their batteries and to relax.

The naturally terraced site was actually something that the architects could take advantage from. It allows the owners to enjoy panoramic views of the valley while also partially dictating the interior design and structure of the house. There are two facades for this house. One is a little more private and has large windows and doors that open and allow the sun to get inside, as well as another façade opened to the views of those passing by.

Inside, the house features a spacious living area and a glass bridge that connects it to the library. The transparent bridge has a plunge pool below it. A terrace then opens into the guest quarters. This is a private area tucked into the hillside. The upper level of the house includes a private suite with a large covered porch. There’s also a master bathroom, a screened area and an open terrace filled with natural sunlight.

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For the construction only elemental materials were used, such as wood, stone, concrete and metal. The architect chose this palette of materials in order to recreate a timeless building.{found on contemporist}.



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