A Perfect Home by Jun Igarashi Architects

At a first sight the so-called “Layered House” located in Hokkaido, Japan, makes you think about a place especially created in order to reveal that  calm and relaxation that only certain places provide. Jun Igarashi Architects designed a house for a family of 4 persons, a home that is in a special connection and perfect harmony with the surrounding area. Once you see this place, you have that impression that the aim of the designer was not only to create a new space for a family, but also to do it in this particular area.

The perfection you see on the outside is maintained once you enter, as you discover the same serenity that makes you smile and realize how important the simple things are. In a warm environment, a simple wood table with some chairs and some dark armchairs make the difference, while the wide entrance reveals the exterior beauty. In its simplicity, the rectangular entrance provides an interesting perspective over the elegant interior.

The shades of white and beige give a warm air to the entire house and the white or black furniture  pieces are in a contrast that emphasizes once more the elegance and simplicity of this space. Everything makes you pay attention and take care of everything around you and not interfere with anything in the peace  and harmony that reign in all the rooms.

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