A Peaceful Beach Weekender

Kids have finished school and wait to see where they can go on their summer holiday while parents dream of a relaxing vacation somewhere in a peaceful place. These are the current things that appear at the beginning of each summer. Everybody wants to relax, have fun and enjoy the beautiful, sunny summer days. Usually many people prefer going to the seaside where kids can play on the sandy beach and have fun in the water.

On Stinson beach, California there is a nice and peaceful weekender where you may enjoy the beauty of simple and warm things and the wonderful views offered by the beach area. It is a rustic beach house with large doors and windows where many of its items and structure elements are made of wood of a light nuance. ScavelloDesign designed its warm and welcoming interiors.

The living room has wicker pieces of furniture and a modern fireplace that make of this space a relaxing area. The diner table is simple and warm, made of the same wood of a light nuance like its chairs too. A wood wall separates the dinner area from the kitchen area.

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The bedroom inspires a beach ambiance due to its simplicity and blue nuances. There is also a peaceful corner arranged like a sitting place with a light blue sofa and some white pillows with blue aquatic prints on them where the collection of shells sitting on the table makes the perfect décor for such a beach weekender. If you are tired of the noisy and crowded beaches and you are in search of a relaxing place, this beach weekender is all you need.



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