A novelist’s dreamy modern house in Vancouver

With so many beautiful houses out there it’s difficult to make yours stand out. But, just like every human is different from the others, every house is unique and reflects its owner’s personality. This gorgeous modern house belongs to novelist Douglas Coupland who chose a minimalist style and a layout that would connect the inhabitants with the exterior without necessarily being a physical connection between the spaces.

The house can be found in Vancouver, Canada and has a really beautiful interior. A minimalist fireplace warms up the living room and creates a cozy nook, transforming a black wall into a gorgeous feature. There are many other interesting features throughout the house. The exterior may be all white and simple, without any unusual detail that would make one suspect something amazing hides inside, but the interior is completely different.

Most original features were preserved such as the flagstone floors, the carport, which by the way is very beautiful, the railing and many other elements. What’s really nice about this house is that, even though it’s completely encased in walls and has no direct connection to the outdoors, the interior feels very open.


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