A Modernist Forest House Finished in Stone

In the times of yore, the forest houses had the freedom of choosing whatever they liked in the forests, but with the ecology depleting the modern designers and architects have a tougher task in hand. Check out this modern forest house finished by Zecc Architecten in the woods Soest, the Netherlands. The facility keenly presents itself as a detached modern forest house by choosing an exterior material that almost replicates a stone. Add to this effect some wood details and the overall structure definitely connects with the pine trees surrounding the facility. Also, large expanses of windows have been purposely used to get in great views of the forest house. The house looks like a natural element in the neighbouring forest, as it is covered with natural stone and wood and this ecological approach makes it look normal there and not out of the ordinary or unusual.There are no boundaries like tall fences and the house faces the woods directly, having the interior garden filled with grass. The interior design is very modern, but the whole ensemble is great, even though a bit contradictory: natural and modern at the same time.



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