A Modern Weekend Retreat In New York That Takes Maximum Advantage Of Its Location

Most of the time, weekend retreats or vacation homes have designs that allow them to blend in, to disappear into the landscape. It’s the perfect option if all you want is to get away and to forget about everything else. A perfect example would be this retreat. It’s a weekend home that was recently built in upstate New York. It was designed by CWB Architects and it has a very interesting look.

The house was designed to replace an existing weekend retreat. It’s basically an update of the existing structure. The designs are very different. This modern retreat is a 2,700 square foot house. The goal was to make it blend with the surroundings so the exterior of the house features earthy colors. The façade is brown but the roof is grey, just like the sky. This allows it to almost disappear into the landscape.

Another very important detail for this project was that the house had to amplify the owner’s visual and auditory experience of the landscape so the interior had to be carefully designed as well. The views are beautiful so the windows had to be designed to showcase their charm.

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I particularly like the square-shaped windows from the bedroom. It’s a very nice shape and the fact that they are facing two different directions allows them to offer views of both sides. The living area has, of course, floor-to-ceiling windows. This opens the space towards the exterior and brings the views inside.



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