A Modern Treehouse Residence Made Of Four Cylindrical Towers

Tree houses are not just for kids. In fact, there are a lot of ways, most of which are impressive, in which they can be taken to a whole new level. This treehouse residence in Cape Town is just one of the many amazing projects that revolve around this idea. This particular house was designed to serve as a private retreat, a getaway among the trees. It was a project by Malan Vorster.

The house sits on a sloped site surrounded by tall treesThe house is structured into four cylindrical towers clustered together

The client’s main desire was to have a cozy retreat that resembles a tree house and that’s exactly what the architect in charge created. Things like the views and the position of the structure on the site were elements that influenced the design the most. First of all, in order to offer views that show more than just tree trunks of the nearby trees, the house had to be built in stilt, on the highest point of the sloped site on which it stands.

The entrance is on the first floor and there’s a corten steel ramp that leads up thereFrom the outside, the towers don’t seem to be that open but it’s just an impression given by the timber shellThe towers sit on stilts and the spaces are raised above ground in order to capture the best views
The house has it all, including a lovely open patio at the top

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Structurally-speaking, the house is organized into four cylindrical towers, all clustered together into one module. Structural columns can be seen at the center of each rounded volume. These columns and the circular rings at the top are made of corten steel. As for the rest of the house, wood was the chosen material. The materials used throughout were left untreated, the idea being to let them weather naturally over time so the house can be in tone with the surroundings.

The towers are linked together into a large cluster of rounded spaces, each with support columns at their centerThe interior is surprisingly spacious and open thanks to the large windowsA spiral staircase is the main circulation method between the floors

The living area and other functions including the dining space, a patio and the circulation area are positioned on the first floor along with the entrance which can be accessed via a ramp made of timber and corten steel. The bedroom suite sits on the second floor from where it captures the most beautiful views thanks to the large windows and glass railings.

The bedroom suite is on the top floor from where it has the most beautiful views



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