A modern tree house in a 100-year old oak, a perfect place to make new memories

This 100-year-old California oak seems like it was made to hold a tree house. Its shape was perfect for this purpose so resisting the temptation was impossible. The Studebaker family lives in Burlingame, California. They already had a backyard tree house that they really enjoyed for many years but they just couldn’t resist building a new one once the saw the tree.

The family’s three kids were eager to help build the new tree house and this brought them satisfaction and price once it was complete. Now that they have a new one, the family rents the backyard tree house to visitors so that they can enjoy it too. The new project started with a solid platform. This was going to be the base for the tree house. The platform was built without bolting or nailing anything to the tree itself. This way both the family and the tree could be happy. Also, it would have been really rude and selfish to damage such as amazing old tree.

When it was time to decorate the tree house, everyone was excited. The family opted for a more traditional décor. They used cozy quilts, vintage furniture, rugs and accessories. Everything had to be carefully arranged so that nothing interfered with the tree’s natural growth. The interior is very cozy and inviting. The vintage chandelier really makes it feel like a real home. Now that the family has a new tree house they can start making new memories and hopefully they will enjoy it from many years to come or at least until they find an even better tree.{pictures from Alex}.

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