A Modern Residence With An Unusual Shape In Tokyo, Japan

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this house is like none other. It’s not because of its architecture or interior décor although they are beautiful as well. It’s about the shape of the house and its location. The residence was designed and built by SNARK + OUVI. It sits on an area of 10,313 square meters and it was built in 2012.

Situated in Honiyo-shi, the residence is an hour and a half by car from Tokyo. This is not usually a problem but in this case there is no public transportation available so all the residents in the area have to use their personal cars. This means that they all need a garage. It’s a common denominator for all the houses in the area and this particular one is no different. But given the shape of the site, providing parking spaces near the house turned out to be a challenge.

The architects managed to find the perfect balance. They include a car parking space and a garden on the site. The house was oriented in such a way that it receives plenty of sunlight from every direction. It has three narrow windows on the south, east and west sides. They’re not particularly large windows but they are placed exactly where they need to be.

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The interior of the house is modern and simple. The residence is divided into a series of smaller spaces and the internal structure is flexible. It can be adjusted according to the resident’s preferences and needs and this versatility makes the house even more beautiful.



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