A Modern Interpretation Of The Timeless Black And White Design

The black and white combination is timeless and classical. It’s a combination that has been very popular throughout history and that is still very appreciated even to this day. It has become a major trend of its own. Of course, the influences and the styles that can feature this combination are too many to count and the differences of design and the other details that come with this combo differ from case to case.

For this residence, the style chosen is modern. The main colors chosen for the design are black and white. They define both the interior and the exterior of this house. This allows it to be considered a sort of general model. However, it is a unique structure. The house was designed and built by Fabi Architekten. Structurally, it consists of two buildings which are two volumes. The first one is the main volume and it; a box-like structure sitting on the ground.

The other one is a smaller volume cantilevered over the first one. One of the volumes is white while the other is black. The contrast is very strong and striking, even though it;s also very simple. The interior design is very simple. The two main colors, the black and white, are also found inside. Still, the beige is also predominant.

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Considering the palette of colors and the textures and materials used, the décor is both casual and elegant. The atmosphere is relaxed, calm and very inviting. It’s a very interesting interpretation of the timeless color combination in a modern and minimalist style. There are many elements that are both simple and eye-catching. for example, the floating staircase is a very nice element. it;s simple, made of wood, but it’s also a beautiful architectural detail that becomes a focal point in the decor. It’s a stylish choice.



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