A minimalist weekend desert residence for a family and their dog

The Four Eyes House is a very beautiful weekend residence. This lovely desert house has a contemporary design, minimalist and featuring geometrical shapes with clear lines and without any specific details. The residence was designed for a family and their dog and it serves as a weekend retreat.The Four Eyes House was designed by Californian architecture firm Edward Ogosta Architecture. The residence was designed while closely observing the site and the landscape. The clients and the architects worked together and, unlike with most projects, they had some different goals in this case.

The house was designed as an instrument for intensifying a number of onsite phenomena rather than according to a domestic functional program. The name of the house can be easily explained.

The residence has four “sleeping towers” and each one of them has an “eye”/ window. The towers are oriented towards four spatiotemporal viewing experiences: morning sunrise to the east, mountain range to the south, evening city lights to the west, and nighttime stars overhead. It each has a compact top-floor bedroom. It’s a small space with room for nothing but the bed. The bedrooms have the same size.

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This way the users can rotate the location according to their individual viewing desires. It’s an interesting concept and it also looks wonderful. On the ground floor the house features a series of common spaces.{found on mocoloco}.



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