A Minimalist Three Wall House That We Love In Los Angeles, California

The Three Wall House is a contemporary residence located in Los Angeles, California. It was designed and built by Kovac Architects. The residence features an overall minimalist design, with clean and simple lines and a compact shape. The house sits on an irregularly shaped site and this posed some problems during the construction and design process. However the architects decided to use everything into their advantage.

The house reveals itself little by little as you advance on the driveway. The design of the residence is simple and yet dynamic. The spaces are functionally divided and the rooms are cleverly organized in a way that allows them to benefit from the views. The property includes, besides the main structure, a guest house/garage. These two structures are connected by a bridge. Inside the main volume, the primary living spaces are all located on one side.

The reason why the residence is called Three Wall is that there are three walls that delimitate the motor court. They serve as barriers for the exterior while also defining the spaces contained within that area. Inside the house, there’s a series of glazed volumes that eventually lead to the family room. This is a large area with an elegant and minimalist décor. The family room/living room then features glass doors that retract allowing access to the terraces facing north and east. On the east and south there’s a large pool and a series of beautiful gardens.

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