A Luxury Residential Development With Distant Views Of Las Vegas

Ascaya is an interesting new dream development that’s still under construction for the most part. This project developed by SB Architects is meant to serve as an exclusive residential development comprised on several individual structures. The estate will eventually include several residences, each featuring its own take on contemporary architecture, with different types of features and luxury amenities.

Situated some distance away from the city, the development offers magnificent views of the landscapeAll the residences are planned to fit seamlessly into the desert landscapeThe surrounding landscape inspired the architects to use natural textures and earthy colors

There’s already a completed residence with several others to come later this year. The estate is located in Henderson, Nevada. In total there will be five residences, all custom designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape and to connect to the desert in a natural and beautiful manner.

This project was approached as a sort of small-scale resort, a hybrid between a resort and a private homeExpansive outdoor lounge areas and decks surround the residence and ensure a seamless connection with the exteriorThe architecture and design are simple, linear and very well proportioned

All the residences are designed to communicate with their surroundings and to feature a very fluid indoor-outdoor transition and relationship between spaces. This seamless connection is ensured in various different ways. The social areas are organized in an open floor plan on the ground floor, with large sliding glass doors and views of the desert and the city in the distance.

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The interior spaces are connected to the outdoors on all sides and in various different ways
The social areas are large and open, with sliding glass doors and clerestory windowsThe materials and textures used throughout are simple and natural and the colors are nature-inspired

The architects made sure to include large gathering spaces and to give the residences this resort-like feel, with fluid indoor-outdoor transitions and flexible layouts and spaces. They used natural materials and textures throughout as well as a chromatic palette based on earthy colors.

Instead of putting hardwood on the floors, the architects chose to use it on the ceilingsThe private spaces are situated on the upper floor, with access to terraces and nicely-framed viewsThe kitchen has a large island that doubles as a bar and as a separator between the spaces

Concrete, wood and glass are beautifully used throughout the spaces, complementing each other and maintaining the simplicity of the interior design and decor so the focus can be on the expansive views and the open and airy ambiance. Clerestory windows give the impression of a floating roof and let natural light into the spaces.

The dining table sits parallel to the kitchen island, with plenty of open space around itThe beds are positioned facing the views and the room decor is simple and open

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The residences embrace their surroundings and they’re open to a variety of outdoor areas such as the covered outdoor dining area, the sunken fire pit, the outdoor spa and pool and even a covered roof deck.

In the bathrooms there’s an emphasis on the materials, textures and colors used



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