A Luxury Allegra Property in Australia

Allegra Property located in Australia is definitely the type of property that can be characterized in one word: luxurious.The entire design was done by TCL Homes. It is not only luxurious, but also a prestigious waterfront home that delights not only the eye, but also the soul, thanks to the magnificent scenery of the Island’s waterways. It is that kind of house, which makes you realize that man can do perfect things in a perfect environment. As it can be seen at a first glance, it is a concrete contemporary home, which has everything your mind could think of.

The lighting was strategically placed in order to illuminate the entire design; at night, the lighting transforms this apace into a magical one. The basement garage has places for many cares.  The house’s entrance foyer delights even the most critical eyes, the wide glass windows and doors are perfect to reveal both the beauty of the surrounding area and the luxury of the interior.

The kitchen seems to be an art expression with the highest standards, the staircase is broad and the three chandeliers are the splash which attracts the view; the same happens with the large open plan dining room, which is inviting in its modernity. The entire environment is the perfect combination of  aesthetic details, quality, finesse, style. This is certainly a modern masterpiece, the perfect proof that dreams can come true!

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