A House With An Artistic Design Inspired By Waves And Feathers

The Wave House is a very special project. It’s a private residence located in Venice, California and it looks extraordinary. It was a project by artist, designer and builder Mario Romano who is known for his ability to turn poetry into reality and to transpose complex geometries into the physical world, transforming cool concepts into functional architecture. He is also famous for his affinity to nature-inspired forms.

Wave House organic facadeThe Wave House has a unique architecture inspired by natureWave House front facadeThe rippling facade is made up of hundreds of individual aluminum panelsWave House facade panelsThe panels are perfectly arranged and they gently undulate creating a mesmerizing visual effect

The architect created his own design system which uses customized design tools and CNC machining technology and he uses these resources to create one-of-a-kind designs such as buildings with facades that undulate like the waves of the ocean or spaces with curved walls that seamlessly turn into floors. The artist sculpts these buildings and his creations are always meant to interact with their surroundings and to perfectly fit into place, just like everything has its place in nature.

Wave House green lawnThe facade facing the backyard is simple and only partially covered with aluminum panelsWave House backyard poolThe house wraps itself around the swimming pool, forming a u-shaped planWave House wraped around the poolAll the spaces on the ground floor have direct access to the outdoor area

The Wave House is unlike any other home and its architecture stands out in more than one way. The facades are constructed of hundreds of unique pieces which cascade from the top of the roof down to the bottom of the front wall and form this organically-shaped facade that looks like ripples of water in a pond.

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Wave House outdoor living space by the poolSliding glass doors allow the kitchen, living space and other rooms to communicate with the poolside areaWave House kitchen areaThe kitchen is fully opened to the outdoors, featuring this frame-like openingWave House kitchen access to poolThe transition between indoor and outdoor is smooth and seamless

The facade is meant to emulate the beauty of nature’s geometry but in order to do that precise measurements had to be taken. The aluminum panels that are evenly spaced out with exactly 1 and 3/4” in between each other. They were first rolled, then unrolled and then cut by a CNC machine and lastly attached to the metal frame.

Wave House indoor outdoor transitionThe concrete floor in the kitchen continues outside and forms a long and narrow deckWave House pivoting front doorThe large wooden door has a pivoting system and featured an undulating pattern

The house has a pivot door made of solid wood with a delicate wavy pattern in a lighter shade. It coordinates with the overall theme of the design and it offers access inside. But there are several other points of access. In fact, the entire ground floor is open to the swimming pool and backyard area through sliding glass doors.

Wave House outdoor living roomAn outdoor living room flanks the swimming pool on one sideWave House kitchen and dining areaThe kitchen and dining room share an open floor plan and they’re both bright and spacious

The swimming pool is flanked by an outdoor living room on one side and by an indoor living space on the other. The two mirror each other but they also have their own character and style. The kitchen and dining area occupy the central space.  A live-edge table is the focal point of the dining room, being complemented by stylish chairs and a zen wall decor.

Wave House homework deskUpstairs, a homework station can be seen on the hallwayWave House homework areaThe station has a long desk and room for three chairs

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The staircase that connects the social area to the ground floor leads up to a homework station for the kids. It occupies a portion of the hallway and it has a long and minimalist desk with three chairs.

Wave House master bedroom accent chairThe master bedroom is bright and airy and has a really nice color paletteWave House master bathroom tubThe master bathroom has a freestanding modern tub and a walk-in shower

The master bedroom has its own bathroom with a freestanding tub and a walk-in shower. In between them is a dressing room. The upper level also houses two bedrooms for the kids which have their own quirky accents but ultimately remain simple and chic, just like the rest of the house.

Wave House minimalist deskA minimalist white desk gets to take advantage of all the natural light coming through the windowsWave House kid bedroom black and whiteThe children’s bedroom are also situated on the upper level

The interior design is just as artistic and mesmerizing and the rippling facade. Wonderful painting adorn the walls in the social areas and custom furniture makes each room feel complete and perfect, giving it a sense of harmony and elegance but not without also being comfortable and inviting.

Wave House bathroom with open showerThe kids have their own bathroom with similarly elegant design featuresWave House console table and artworkEye-catching artwork is displayed throughout the house, creating focal points

A lot of thought and effort went into the unique architecture of this house. The exterior walls were designed by adjusting hundreds of individual pieces until the rippling effect was created. They look like feathers and they keep the interior cool and dry by regulating the temperature and helping with natural ventilation.



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