A House That Embraces Summer And All Its Perks

This lovely house is placed in an area where there’s no pattern to define all the residences, a mixed-scale region where the average height of the house is 2 or 3 stories. That being said, there were no restrictions in this sense. The challenge, however, was to create a design that responds to the conditions on the site, more exactly the sloped terrain. Drozdov & Partners found the perfect strategy.

The house is in sync with its surroundings and the sloped terrain, being adapted to the conditions on the siteArtificial hills were created as a way to offer more privacy and to better integrate the house into the surroundingsThe clients wanted to enjoy their privacy and be connected to the outdoors at the same time

The house was completed in 2016 and occupies an area of 448 square meters. It’s located in Knarkiv, Ukraine and, because of the sloped nature of the site, the architects designed three terrace that descend and embrace the landscape. They also customized the surroundings a little bit, creating artificial hills that offer more privacy for the spaces inside the house and that also enhance the natural landscape.

This privacy wall was added by the pool, protecting it from neighboring eyesA deck runs along the lap pool, creating a sunbathing zone ideal for lounging on summer daysThere’s no clear distinction between the indoor and the outdoor spaces due to some transitional spaces like this one

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Privacy is also maintained through other methods. For instance, a large wall was erected in front of the pool, protecting everyone from neighboring eyes and also offering a sense of intimacy and comfort. Permanent blinds were installed for the living spaces and they control the sunlight without completely eliminating the connection to the garden.

Both open and covered decks and terraces help ensure a pleasant and seamless transitionThis sort of open interior courtyards brings the indoor spaces closer to nature while maintaining privacyThe terraces respond to the sloping terrain and serve as extensions for the indoor spaces

The house has a series of summer rooms which are basically extensions of the interior living spaces. Their role is to ensure a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor but also to offer the inhabitants the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and the fresh ambiance in comfort. These spaces include covered areas such as this outdoor kitchen/ bar but also internal courtyards and terraces.

There’s a series of summer rooms which are most pleasant to use when it’s hot outsideThe interior living area is an open space that incorporates the lounge and dining rooms

A central hallway connects all the interior spaces. The overhead opening brings daylight in and ensures a bright and open ambiance throughout the residence. The social areas also have connections to terraces with blurred out boundaries between them. The outdoor zone includes a lap pool, a lounge space, a barbecue area and a sunbathing deck.

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Large windows let in light and views and blinds offer shade and filter the raysFloor-to-ceiling windows also frame views of the courtyard in the bathroom



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