A house on the roof of a university by Do Ho Suh

If you ever find yourself near the University of California, San Diego and you happened to look up you’llbe surprised to see a small cottage dangling from the roof. It’s not a joke but a real house. This gravity-defying structure was the 18th creation of artist Do Ho Suh. It’s a permanent sculpture and, even though it might look like a toy house, it has a very strong foundation.

This cottage really makes you rethink everything you knew about houses. It takes some time before you readjust to this image. This installation-sculpture is called “Fallen Star” and it’s a materialization of the artist’s feelings when he first came to the United States from Seoul in 1991. He felt like he was being thrown into a completely unfamiliar environment where nothing felt normal anymore and it’s what this sculpture is trying to transmit.

The cottage is dangling from the roof of the university and it actually acts like a normal house. It even conforms to California earthquake building codes. Because it’s siting on the roof, the cottage was designed to withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour. Moreover, the cottage even has a garden. It also has a chimney with simulated smoke coming out of it. Inside it features a charming traditional décor with a fireplace, a bookcase, desk and everything else you normally find in a home. It’s indeed a unique creation.

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