A House On A Slope Connects To Its Surroundings Through A Glass Elevator

Deciding to build on a plot with a difficult geometry, such as one with a steep slope means being prepared to face any type of challenge. In the case of the GG House which is located in Krakow, Poland, the main challenge was bringing natural light in.

The GG House was a project by Architekt.Lemanski. Completed in 2014, the house offers a total of 369 square meters of living space. The steep slope meant that the house would get almost no light from one side but also that the views would be quite beautiful.

The strict zoning regulations dictated that the house had to be built using only natural materials and to feature a pitched roof with a steep slope. The architects transformed these restrictions into beautiful design accents and perhaps the most suggestive element is the gabion wall visible at the front.

To allow the light to illuminate the entire house, the team covered the south-facing facade with balconies and porches with glass railings. They provide shade in the summer and allow sunlight to fill the interior spaces all year round.

The interior space was organized as follows: the ground floor contains a kitchen connected to a terrace, a living room, a dining area and a small guest apartment. The first floor houses three bedrooms and their bathrooms. The top floor is the chill-out room and offers the most impressive views.

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The interior design is simple and modern, with a color scheme based on natural tones ranging from white to shades of grey, black and brown. The living room features a large U-shaped sectional placed around a coffee table. Square windows allow sunlight to penetrate the room.

The kitchen and dining area are connected and they benefit from tons of natural light coming through the large windows and glass walls. In addition, the minimalist design and the glossy finishes used in the kitchen keep the décor bright and airy.

The dining area features a rectangular table placed parallel to a large window facing the back of the slope. Large glass sliding doors offer access to a terrace.

The architects also included a vertical glass tunnel into the design. It offers easy access to all the volumes and makes the fact that the house is sitting on a steep and difficult slope seem less disturbing. The elevator connects the private and social volumes with the garage below which is hidden under the slope.

There’s also an interior staircase with beautiful accent lighting that connects all the floors. Strategically-placed windows also illuminate the staircase during the day.



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