A House Inspired by The Old Fish and Boat Storage

Once you see Bowen Island House designed by bai architects, located on Bowen Island in Canada, it does not take too much time to understand why you would also like to live in a similar house. First, it has a wonderful view over the Straight of Georgia and Vancouver and, at the same time; it characterizes the courtesy of Bai architects.

The fishing villages themselves, with their so common old fish and boat storage structures, inspired the design of the house.  Just like the source of inspiration, the building is characterized by a simple and linear structure that makes everyone feel at ease. At first, it may seem curious how such a house could be built on an island, but once you get familiar with the environment and get to see the building, everything changes.

The construction is modern and the materials it was made of prove that there you are as safe as possible.When you look around, you realize that it was carefully planned and designed, without harming the environment. The view over the ocean is amazing, the interior is modern and simple, elegant and stylish; everything seems to be perfect in this dream place, which seems to exist in order to offer people a new perspective over the world, over the beauty of nature and the infinite possibilities of people.

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