A House Full Of Contrasts In Winchester

This residence is located in Headbourne Worthy, Winchester, United Kingdom and it’s very interesting for several reasons. First of all, it has a very interesting history. It used to be the stables of the Manor House. It’s where the winner of UK’s largest horse race was brought home in 1946. But, with time, it was abandoned and the stables that were once beautiful and functional became a ruin. It all changed this year when the structure was redesigned, restored and repurposed. It is now a wonderful residence and it’s all thanks to AR Design Studio.

The building had plenty of historical character but it definitely needed plenty of attention. It got transformed into a beautiful family home. It has an overall contemporary look but it still features some elements that are reminiscent of its past. It’s an elegant three-bedroom home with a historical heritage and this makes it even more special. It gives it character and charm.

The team that worked at this project has as a main goal the preservation of what was already existent but they also wanted to add certain elements.The main idea was to let the original character shine.

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They used the existing layout and preserved the exposed timber walls. They were first cleaned and striped back and then refurnished. Then the team had to find a way to turn this place into a modern family home. The designers were very ingenious. They managed to reuse lots of the original features. For example, horse troughs were converted into sink basins and the horse ties were used as towel rings.



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