A house for two families in Austria

When there are several people living under the same roof, it’s often difficult to maintain boundaries and feel close at the same time. However, these problems can be easily solved. For example, this lovely house is the home of two families. The residence is located in Natters, Austria and it was designed by Triendl und fessler architekten.

The house was built in 2008 and it sits on a surface of 230 square meters with a 90 square meter carport. It has a contemporary design and a compact, geometrically-shaped form. The clients requested a two-in-one house and didn’t consider this very close connection as an inconvenient. Given the long and narrow shape of the plot, the building had to have a long and narrow shape as well. Even though the house is shared by two families, it doesn’t have a design that distinguishes it from regular family homes.

The only indicatives of this unusual pact are the two entrances and the size of the building. The interior structure is simple and functional. The two houses are delimitated but they also share a series of common areas such as the storage area from the garage used for cars, bikes and motocross machines. The houses also share the beautiful garden. It’s an unusual situation but also an innovative idea that sheds new light on the concept of privacy and family homes.{found on archdaily and pics by Günther Wett}.

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