A house designed for a young couple with Japanese characteristics

This is the Pentagonal House. It’s a project designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio and it was meant to maximize site usage as well as the space within the structure. It also needed to keep alive the characteristics of the Japanese traditional constructions.

The house was designed for a young couple. Their parents live nearby in the same village. The residence is located in Tsushima city, Aichi pref. JAPAN. The limits between the interior and exterior spaces are not very well defined. This creates freedom between of movement the different areas of the house. The roof is irregular but beautiful. The tallest area of the house is in the center where the gathering area is. The extremities of the house have lower ceilings and they create beautiful and intimate spaces perfect for relaxation.

The house is very inviting, warm and calm. The wooden structure of the house is borrowed from traditional Japanese homes but it also has a modern touch. The walls are covered in traditional white plaster. The house covers an area of 692.63 sq and the actual building covers 87.73sq. It’s a very beautiful home and it has large floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow panoramic views over the surrounding landscape. It’s the perfect combination between tradition and modernity. It’s a rather small house but it’s evry inviting and cozy.

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