A house designed by a sculptor Cliff Garten and his wife Molly Reid a residential architect

We all are different. We like different things, we know different things, and we want different things. But when two different minds gather together, you must be sure that something interesting will get. For example, in Venice, California a sculptor and his architect wife, teamed up to overhaul a dilapidated house and garage on the 11,000 square foot lot they bought for $800,000 in 2002, and the result was amazing because reflects elements of each of them. Ms. Reid tends to think more about alignment and measurements, while Mr. Garten  understands a space by feeling its energy and finding a way to make a place and a sculpture fit together.On the inside, the two artists created a large open space, where the two of them put their fingerprint.

The living room and dining room are separated by a wooden wall created by Mr. Garten, from the kitchen, a place where the strength of building materials and architectural techniques are blurred by the warm of sculptural objects. The kitchen is designed in a way that the whole family enjoys spending time in this place. It is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, so the housewife has all she needs to cook, a round table with six different colored chairs, where the husband can read the newspaper and drink a coffee, and a whole wall where their daughter can draw.

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Outside, Ms. Reid designed a galvanized steel and mahogany arbor covered with wisteria over a large outdoor dining table next to the studio, to give domesticity to the metal work space and connect it to the house. To soften the industrial feel of the studio, the husband made one exterior garden wall with plants crawling up its white surface. Well, that’s the result  of a collision between art and architecture.{found on wjs}.



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