A House Built For The Future With A Large Green Roof

Planning for the future when designing and building a house is a great way to ensure the durability and timelessness of the structure. That however doesn’t mean the design shouldn’t also be linked to the present.

To better understand how the balance between these elements work we’ll have a look today at a very cool project done by Caramel Architekten. They worked on a private residence in Linz, Austria which was completed in 2020.

As we already mentioned, one of the main goals of the project was to build a house for the future. That meant choosing materials that can withstand the test of time. The choices in this case are quite interesting. The architects used concrete for a lot of the flooring. They also built the house with a timber structure which makes it lightweight. For the facade they used corrugated iron, an unusual material that definitely stands out. 

In addition to future-proofing the house, the architects also focused a lot on allowing the building to be integrated into the environment. In that sense, the area covered by the footprint of the house and the vegetation that had to be taken out in order to build it were returned in the form of a large green roof.

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The roof also has an interesting shape, with an asymmetrical geometry reminiscent of a minimalistic mountain peek. The green roof and adjacent areas can be accessed from the private area upstairs. The common spaces are placed on the ground floor. The living room has a five-meter high ceiling and is connected to all the other rooms of the house as well as the outdoor sections.



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