A Home With A Historic Façade And A Surprising Interior

When you first lay eyes on a building that has a façade like this home has, with a historic look and intricate architecture, you definitely don’t imagine the interior being modern and colorful. But, as it turns out, the interior doesn’t always have to match the exterior. In the case of this home, it definitely doesn’t.

This is a house full of contrasts. It all starts on the exterior. It seems like a historic home but it’s not. That’s because Melbourne based Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture has created an extension for the house and this has changed everything. The clients wanted to preserve the façade just for the visual effect and also to emphasize the contrast. As you step inside, a whole different décor awaits you. You can find an open plan living area that’s been decorated with bright and vibrant colors. In fact, the bold colors are part of the overall design and they can be seen in all the rooms.

The living area has a modern interior with grey walls and a long and comfortable sofa with a white base and green upholstery. The rest of the open plan features a nice combination of black and white but with splashes of color here and there. A nice example is the dining area that has yellow chairs. In terms of style, we could say that there’s a combination of modern and traditional features. Some of the elements have traditional designs and colors that make them modern while others can be clearly integrated in one of the two categories.

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