A Home/ Headquarters in Norway

On a remote island off the coast of Norway sits a two-storey house featuring a compact, contemporary design. It’s a 2,648-square-foot structure with a geometrical façade and a striking white exterior. The house was completed in May 2010 and the cost was around $900.000. Since then the building was used both as a home and as the corporate headquarters for the Web entrepreneurs Njal Hansen Wilberg, 35, and Linn Dyveke Wilberg, 31.

The house is owned by a married couple that is also involved in other businesses among which Ask Ollie, a text-based question-and-answer service. At one point in their life they’ve decided to build a home. They knew that it was going to be a long and difficult process. They’ve realized that at some point the construction ends. However there is always something else to take care of and the work never stops.

In 2008 the couple approached odd Saunders, a Canadian-born architect based in Bergen and a rising star in contemporary Scandinavian design. They wanted their home to be tall as to be able to see the top of their office from their home. The couple had two children so they’ve decided to incorporate the office into the home but to make it separate from the rest of the building.

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The office was placed on its own floor in a cube-shaped annex that juts out from the second story. This way the two volumes are separated and independent from each other. It’s a modern way of keeping work and pleasure separated but still in close connection to each other.{found on nytimes}



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