A “Home Boat” in Vandans

When I think about a house in the mountains, I imagine a square or rectangular wooden hut, smaller or larger. The first thing I thought when I saw this house in Vandans, Austria, was a boat. In spite of the unusual form, the location is very beautiful and the design is great. In fact, it is a little house looking like a boat and it is quite interesting to find out its story.

Kletoth Lindinger Partners are the ones “responsible” for the “home port” project that could also be a sort of retreat to the childhood home. Besides all the rooms every common house has, there are the terrace, the gallery, the porch, the sauna that make this space even more attractive. The solid concrete structure and the mix of wood, steel and glass give a modern air to the entire place and make you feel safe.

The inside is lovely, intimate and inteligently conceived, just like the entire project; the light passing through creates a pleasant atmosphere and offers a great view over the surrounding, but also over the sky. Once you step in, you have the feeling that you are admiring a masterpiece and you do not know what to look at first. The oval shapes, the simplicity of the place, the wooden furniture are appealing, creating good mood and well-being.

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