A hobbit house in Pennsylvania filled with collection pieces and memorabilia

We all have our hobbies at some point. We even to collect things and to share our passions. But few people take their hobbies as seriously as the owner of this house. Located in Pennsylvania, this hobbit house was designed by architect Peter Archer for his clients, Chester County couple. The husband, a serious collector of J.R.R. Tolkien books also collects manuscripts, artifacts and lots of other things related to his hobby.

The project began to take shape when the client’s collection had grown so big that it no longer had where to be stored inside the house. It’s when the idea of building a cottage that would resemble the hobbit dwellings from the Lord of the Rings trilogy seems like a very serious and exciting possibility. The client’s plan was brought to life by architect Peter Archer and his collaborator, architect Mark Avellino.

The result was a cottage that covers an area of 600 square feet featuring lots of familiar details from the movies and manuscripts. For example, there’s a butterfly window inspired from Tolkien’s own sketches. The property already had a beautiful, old stone wall so the architects immediately decided to use it in their project. The idea was to make the cottage look like it’s rising and growing organically out of the old stone wall. The plan was ambitious but the results were also very impressive.

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