A Happy Home from Philippines

Every time a have a foreign friend I think how his/her house looks like. And I always associate the home with the country`s specificities. That`s why I imagine a French`s house very chic, a English one very elegant and a Spanish one very colorful. Well, you should see how happy a house looks in the Philippines’. The designers tried to bring some of the country`s atmosphere to the house, so the home became a tribute to the Pilipino spirit.

Is created for am married couple, by the Buensalido Architects, in the capital, Manila and it is in fact a townhouse. From the outside, the home looks like a fancy hotel but when you see the interior, you can say for surely that is in fact a cozy and welcoming house. The aesthetic expression of the design is obtained through triangles that are a representation of some flaglets used in the local festivals.Philippines being a country where each day you can find a party somewhere, and following this custom, the house became a very colorful one. And, the way the architects choose to use the lights is impressive.

Little triangles mirrors in the walls play with the light and spread it trough the rooms. So, depending how many lights are turned on, the pattern of shadows is always changing. They don`t have to buy expensive paintings, because the walls are decorated differently every day. So, this is the perfect house to throw a party, because you don`t even have to decorate it. And, don’t forget about the cozy and happy atmosphere. That not only characterizes the country, but also the people that live there.

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