A Green, Prefabricated Home With A Living Room And Water Views

Waterfront properties are rarely not impressive. No matter how small or simple a house is, if it has great views than a unique perspective can be applied. The Avalon House is an interesting case. Not only that it sits in a wonderful location but it also has an exquisite design, both inside and out. The house was a project by Archiblox, completed in 2015.

The house has a number of green features, including the living roof which you can see hereThe building is aligned with the water n order to capture the most beautiful viewsThe back facade has a long and narrow deck that runs alongside the interior living spaces

Located in the Avalon Beach region, in Australia, the house occupies an area of 196 square meters and has a simple and straight-forward layout. The building is more or less a compact rectangular box. Because the site was so mesmerizing, the clients and the architects agreed that the construction process should have minimal impact on the landscape and the natural environment. As a result, they chose a prefab strategy.

The deck is slightly raised in response to the gentle slope on the site given the house’s placementA lot of wood was used in the design, giving the house a really pleasant and welcoming appearanceThe small deck continues to the side of the house, wrapping around the internal spaces

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The prefabricated elements allowed the construction time to be reduced to only six weeks. In addition to that, this strategy also minimized the impact on the land. But the architects didn’t stop there. They also gave the house a series of green features such as the living roof and a perfectly planned orientation that allows cross ventilation and bring in lots of natural light as well as panoramic views.

The design is fairly simple when looked at as a whole although there are some interesting little detailsThe interior spaces are bright, open and airy, with minimal and bold-looking custom furniture

The green roof acts as a thermal mass and offers insulation. In addition to that, the house is wrapped in FSC certified hardwood timber which was sustainably harvested. The modules and the major elements were prefabricated off-site and then brought here and assembled. This offered several advantages, some of which have already been mentioned. In addition to those, this strategy also offered more control over the material usage and minimized wastage.

The designers used bright and vivid colors and eye-catching combinations in order to highlight certain decor elementsThe kitchen features a mixture of blue and orange tones, beautifully balanced and nicely proportioned

The proximity to the water edge means a reduced water flow across the site but also wonderful and panoramic views which can be enjoyed thanks to the large windows. As far as the interior design goes, the house is quirky, modern, fresh, dynamic and very pleasant overall, featuring strong but enjoyable colors, well-chosen materials and simple and practical layouts.

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Large window placed in key areas showcase the expansive and relaxing views of the waterA sunken tub gets to overlook the water through a large window that perfectly frames the viewA shower enclosure is cleverly integrated next to the tub using a clear glass divider and a raised floor level



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