A Garage Extension Rebuilt Into A Rustic-Industrial Residence

This is St. John’s Ambulance, a charming residence in Conduit Hill, in Rye, England. The original structure present on the site was built in the 1970s and reently an extension was added. That was a project developed by Martha Nowicka & Co., a practice established in 2004 with a concept-led approach which takes inspiration from site-specific conditions, ensuring a unique design every time.

St Johns Ambulance exterior designThe extension was designed to replicate the original architectureSt Johns Ambulance side windowsThe materials were also chosen based on the original design and architectureSt Johns Ambulance triangular roof sectionA triangular glass section was installed for the master bedroom

The extension we’re talking about was rebuilt and designed to match the original structure. It has a pitched roof and is clad in local handmade clay tiles specifically selected to match and complement the original tiles on the buillding. The original extension served as a garage/ workshop.

St Johns Ambulance brick facadeSkylights bring natural light into the upper level roomsSt Johns Ambulance fireplace dividerThe kitchen, dining area and living space share a large open planSt Johns Ambulance firewood pileThe functions are separated by a central fireplace

The new design is meant to form a bridge between the past and the present, hence the eclectic style. The interior is organized on two floors. The gound floor features a huge open plan that includes the dining area, kitchen and living space and together they measure 780 square feet. This zone was created by removing a central wall that originally divided the space in two sections.

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St Johns Ambulance fireplace and woodThe wood-burning stove sits on a concrete platform

The three functions that share the open plan are organized around a central wood-burning stove that stands on a large concrete platform which enough space for firewood storage. The double-sided stove serves as a divider for the spaces.

St Johns Ambulance kitchen wood accentsIn the kitchen, white marble is combined with natural woodSt Johns Ambulance kitchen marble accentsThe kitchen island doubles as a bar, featuring a stainless steel designSt Johns Ambulance kitchen backsplashThe brushed stainless steel island counter adds a modern touch to the decor

The kitchen is designed with a counter and backsplash made of Carrera marble. They are complemented by wooden cabinetry with a simple and raw finish as well as by a brushed stainless steel island which can be used as a bar. The island too doubles as a divider between the kitchen and the dining area.

St Johns Ambulance oak floorsThe flooring is made out of oak wood and the walls throughout are whiteSt Johns Ambulance staircase and accent chairThe overall design is a mixture of industrial, rustic and modernSt Johns Ambulance staircase handrailThe staircase offers access to the upper level where the private rooms are situatedSt Johns Ambulance staircase angleThe wood-clad accent wall allows the staircase to blend in more easily

A seires of exposed brick and wood-clad accent walls maintain cohesiveness throughout the residence. At the same time, the staircase establishes a smooth transition between the lower and upper floors.

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St Johns Ambulance view from the deskThe central window on the upper floor forms a small nookSt Johns Ambulance desk on upper floorThe nook is perfect for this small workstation made of reclaimed woodSt Johns Ambulance staircase window viewThe side walls have long and narrow windows which panoramic views

The upper level is where the private rooms are situated. Here there’s a set of bedrooms with angled ceilings, wooden partitions and doors and brick accents.

St Johns Ambulance bedroom doorsThe bedrooms are separated by wooden partitions that match the floorSt Johns Ambulance bedroom windowThe windows in the bedrooms are small and provide both privacy and viewsSt Johns Ambulance triangle windowThe triangular window section was designed for the master bedroom

The windows are small and flush, designed to preserve the original architecture of the building and to emphasize its rustic-industrial character. The master bedroom is the only one that has a triangular window. It offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.

St Johns Ambulance bathroom vanityThe bathroom is bright and open, featuring a large mirror

The bathroom is quite small but also really bright thanks to the way the mirror and window are facing each other and the overall white and clean decor.

St Johns Ambulance bathroom skylightThe mirror is positioned opposite to the window, reflecting the light and view



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