A- Framed Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr.

Vacation represents a relaxing period when you try to let all your worries aside and enjoy beautiful and peaceful moments together with your life partner, friends or family members. These are wonderful moments which recharge your batteries so that when you come back to your routine, you will be able to face all your daily problems with new powers.

The only thing which you have to decide it is the place where you would like to spend this vacation.Nowadays, more and more people prefer their own vacation house as a perfect and peaceful place to spend some relaxing moments.William O’Brien Jr. presents you an A- framed house which can be a perfect vacation house in the middle of a beautiful, natural environment.

It has an unusual design because it looks like a roof. It links three asymmetrical A frames which each of them contains different parts of the house. The first A includes the library, the wine cellar and the garage. The middle A includes two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms and the last A contains the living room, the kitchen and the dining room.

It is a simple house which has all that you need for a perfect vacation, located in a quiet place.

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