A fire station turned into a modern home

Living in a home that used to be a fire station is definitely unusual. But after seeing cozy homes built inside former churches, lighthouses and towers, it’s actually not that surprising. This used to be the Richmond Fire Station Horse Stables. It’s located in Melbourne, Australia and it underwent a very serious transformation. It is now a modern private home dubbed as The Stable.

The exterior of the building has been preserved as such. It is a testimony of its past and history. The red brick single-story structure has also become the core of a completely new building. The new three-story angular home is easy to spot, especially given its contemporary, striking appearance. It’s a lovely 3-bedroom home with many contemporary details. It has large windows on the upper levels and a balcony. The first story, however, has a contrasting appearance. This makes the transition smoother and softer.

The first story of the home still features the original brick surfaces and the garage door that were preserved intact. But besides the brick walls, everything else is modern and new. The house features white walls, light-colored hardwood floors, glossy black cabinets and several other contemporary elements. The open floor plan features an angled window on the upper floor that also has angled walls. It’s a very interesting transformation and what’s particularly intriguing is the balance and contrast between the old and new elements.

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