A family house designed to keep the nature and fresh air closer

When you retire, the only thing you want in life is to spend your  time with your family and your friends, especially in a welcoming home. That’s the reason why Terry & Terry Architecture and design team Alex Terry AIA and Ivan Terry started this project in 266 Santa Margarita Street, Menlo Park, USA. Their purpose was to build a living space that fulfills all the needs of a retiring family, but not to keep it away from nature and fresh air.

The project ties the new addition in the rear garden area to an existing  mid century ranch house by way of a transparent hallway that provides accessibility to the existing structure and allows the garden to extend into the core of the house, creating  the impression that the exterior landscape is actually an interior wall picture.

The main volume of the house contains the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room all in the same open-space, because the idea was  to spend more time together with your  loved ones while preparing  dinner  , or watching TV. The bedroom wing on the West side of the existing household,   is continued towards the back as a wooden  tube form to accommodate an additional bedroom.

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The back  is left open to the garden. The kitchen is simple, but also modern and fully equipped, as the bathroom which delights us with its shower and  glass ceiling,  resulting the perfect place  to take a bath in. Living in a house that  cozy and intimate, makes sitting every  evening on the wooden deck  and looking into the horizon and gaze upon a star, the best thing you can ever experience.{pics by Bruce Damonte and found on archdaily}.



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