A dream home to enjoy on vacations

A vacation should be all about having fun and relaxing, letting your mind forget about all the problems and all the things you left home. So in order to have a perfect experience, you much choose the accommodation carefully. A hotel is the easy choice but if you really want a wonderful vacation you can also choose to rent a private residence. It’s an opportunity to live in the house of your dreams, even if only for a little while.

There are many beautiful locations throughout the world to choose from and this private bluff in the Whytecliff area is one of them. Here you can find Isleview Place, a beautiful residence with a modern and stylish design and a wonderful interior, not to mention the spectacular views which you can enjoy from almost every room of the house. The residence was designed to impress but also to offer a relaxing and pleasant experience to all those who choose it for their vacation or retreat.

You can find here everything you need, including a gum, a waterfront wine cellar and a designer kitchen. The interior features a contemporary style, with modern furniture, lots of glass walls and a marvelous balcony, also featuring glass walls. This way you can enjoy the views and admire the landscape.

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