A Different Street House in Massachusetts, USA

East 6th Street House first gives the impression of a simple, modern building, with an interesting shape that makes us think about future and how to use space as well as possible. If we take into consideration, the fact that it is located in Boston, Massachusetts, the entire perspective changes and everything seems to be more normal in a contemporary world. It was built on a rear parcel, which does not allow views of the street, but what is very attractive is the way the sunlight fills the interior and bathes all the corners of the floor.

The lines, the forms and the materials are a re-interpretation of geometric volumes, creating a pleasant mood. The simplicity of the space makes us realize how beautiful and tasteful can such a house be. We do not need artificial things or to overload a place in order to have an ideal home. If we look at the stairs and the brick walls, we already get the picture we wanted to see: quality materials and a great aspect make the difference.

The entire design seems to be an expression of modesty and simplicity in a good sense. The wooden floor and furniture pieces stand for the same idea of a welcoming place in which you feel at ease and this is the most important thing. Touloukian Touloukian Inc. that was in charge with the design of this space did a great job!{pictures by Stephen Lee Photography}

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