A custom family home in Nantucket that follows its own rules

There are areas where renovations are a little more difficult because of the strict building rules. For example, this residence is located on Nantucket, an island situated 30 miles south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA. Here, the building code is very rigid. So when the owners of the Squam Residence wanted to renovate it, they had to conform to the regulations.

The code dictates that the historic character of the building has to be preserved and that all new houses must have pitched roofs and external walls with unpainted shingles.

But there are no rules regarding the interior of the house. This meant that the interior of this residence could be designed according to the owner’s own rules. The renovation was a project by Malcolm Brooks from Malcom Designs. The newly redesigned custom family home now has a very original and beautiful interior, bursting with modernity and color.

As you can see, the interior décor is very dynamic. I love the balance of colors from each room. There’s always this combination of neutral colors and bold shades but they are always evenly distributed. In a way, the colored accents are a little unexpected but, at the same time, they look like they really belong there. The result is a very chic and stylish interior, with eye-catching focal points and a balanced décor. The exterior follows the regulations in the area but it’s still quite impressive. The pool is a wonderful feature that would make any house look amazing.

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