A curious-looking residence in Ponce

It looks like a spaceship but it’s not. This is the house of Roberto Sanchez Rivera. He is a retired teacher of industrial arts who lives in the city of Ponce and who decided to make his house a one-of-a-kind structure, one that everyone would stop to admire. His house resembles a flying saucer because of the shape but mostly because of all the lights.

When he first started the lighting, Mr. Rivera was as passionate as he is now. He would always walk all the way down to the corner to see how it looked and he would hear people whisper their admiration. When the lights are off, the house is nothing but an intriguing building. But when Mr. Rivera turns on the lights it all changes.

Another odd thing about this house, besides all the colorful lights, is the five-toned sound that the house makes. It’s actually from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Movies or aliens are not something that Mr. Rivera is passionate about. He is simply a very creative man who chose to occupy his time with this ingenious project. It was his dream from when he was in high school to someday build a house that was unlike any other. We can now say that he managed to make his dream come true. It was something that he did because he enjoyed it not because he had to or because he wanted to impress someone. This is true passion.{found on nytimes}.

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