A Cozy Wooden Cottage In The Mountains Of Cantabria

As a child, all you want is to have fun, to spend time with your friends and to always find something new to do or to explore. Children enjoy exploring new places and they also like to be adventurous. They particularly enjoy to explore the mysteries of the forest and to find a place that they can call their own. It’s why a wooden cottage in the forest sounds like a perfect idea.

For the children living in a region from the mountains of Cantabria, Spain, it all became reality. The local craftmen from the area built them a special place where they can gather and spend time together. It;s a lovely wooden cottage situated in the forest. The area is safe and close to their homes but it’s still far away and hidden enough for the children to feel safe and to be able to have fun. The cottage looks very simple when seen from the outside and it’s quite simple on the inside as well.

The local craftsmen that built it wanted to make it look safe, cozy and fun without including too much furniture. The children needed space to play. Inside the cottage the wooden alls make the atmosphere feel warm and inviting. The cottage was built under a large chestnut tree that gives it shade during the hot summer days. Even though it was designed mainly as a playground for the children, the cottage can also allow them to take a nap or to relax inside. The cozy beds are perfect for recreation.

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The cottage was raised on a series of pillars and it sits high above the ground. It was a choice meant to protect it from moisture and to also give it extra privacy and safety. It’s like a treehouse that was built on pillars instead of in a tree. The wood used for the project is also protected with a special moisture-resistant treatment. This ensures everyone that the cottage will be there for many years for the children to enjoy it. Moreover, the roof is protected with a coat of insulating material.The facade also features a large glass wall with sliding doors that allow beautiful views of the exterior landscape while also allowing light to pass through.{found on micasa}.



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