A corner house with a perforated aluminum facade

The Lighthouse project doesn’t really refer to a lighthouse. It’s actually the name of a residence located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The house was designed by BYTR Architects as a private residence. It was designed in 2006 but it was only completed in 2010. It’s a contemporary residence sitting on a corner plot in one of the most beautiful locations along the canal.

It provides panoramic views over the surroundings and it’s itself a beautiful building to watch. The house got an extension with a metal rooftop and a glass wall. The glass wall is wrapped within a light, perforated aluminum skin. The windows are covered by this layer that provides different levels of openness and closeness. The windows are surprisingly small for a contemporary residence but that’s because the client requested privacy. The aluminum panels have the same role of preventing people from looking inside.

The house looks particularly interesting at night when the metal panels are lit from the back and light pierces through. During the day the panels provide shade and diffuse light. The residence also has a beautiful rooftop terrace that looks more like a herb garden. From there you can clearly see the canal. The terrace is actually sunk into the ceiling of the kitchen but the different in height is not striking inside. Even though visually the two are very different, there might be a small resembles between this residence and an actual lighthouse.{found on archdaily and pics by  Ossip van Duivenbode}.

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