A Contemporary Welcome Center

The first time you see a photo of this place, it makes you think about a stadium. It is located in Brasilia, Brazil and it is a very good example (if not the best) of a modern building; if the entire place should be characterized in one word, this word would definitely be “contemporary” by Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos.

It is also a proof of originality regarding its volume and its shape, it is something you have never seen before, a place you do not want to leave. It is interesting not only to see this place in a magazine or a photo, it is attractive for visitors, being also a place which can host different events and cultural activities. Among the most important aspects there is the central plaza with trees, the grid that seems to be a sort of projection, which was built in order to protect the Alphaville stand.

Everything suggerates high quality, the materials, the shape of the construction, its disposal, nothing was done randomly and this thing can be noticed in every corner, in every little thing which belongs to this place. The colors perfectly match, in harmony even with the sky, as if they want to prove that people are capable of doing great things. The interior is unique, an ideal image of such a center: from the elegant armchairs and sofas, to the trees and lights which offer a new perspective over things; it is definitely the best place in which you could be!

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