A contemporary trio residence in Greece

This beautiful property is located in Glyfada and consists of three distinct volumes. These three buildings are beautifully connected and apparently create a uniform structure. Each building covers an area of 250 square meters each. The idea of creating three separate volumes rather than a single large one has at the base a practical explanation. It’s preferable to have clearly delimitated area with their own function and where privacy is not something facultative.

This beautiful trio of residences was a project by 314 Architecture Studio. Each small building includes two bedrooms and a master suite. They’re like miniature residences that can either be perceived as something on its own or as part of a larger structure. The property also includes an atrium designed to introduce light into the secondary areas of the building while also serving as an exit for hot air thus reducing energy consumption during summer months.

Overall, the entire structure was functionally positioned so that it could take full advantage of the environment, landscape and sun exposure. This allows the users to save heating energy, especially during the summer months. Moreover, there’s also a connecting space between the buildings and a region with water that provides natural cooling. The residence features underfloor heating and VR air-conditioning. The design and the technology were chosen in a way that would allow them to have as little impact on the environment as possible. This is not only a beautiful residence with a very practical and smart design but also an environmentally-friendly structure.

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