A contemporary residence built around a central courtyard, an urban oasis in Austria

Central courtyards are quite rare but they have unique benefits. Having your home organized around a central open space is like having your own little oasis in the middle of the city. This residence is one such jewel. It’s located in Klosterneugurg, Austria and it was built in 2010.The residence occupies an area of 211.7 square meters and it was designed by Project A01 Architects in collaboration with ZT GmbH Arch. Andreas Schmitzer for the interior design.

The inspiration for the unusual structure came from the study houses that feature central courtyards. The architects used the same concept here. The living area is organized around this open space and the swimming pool frames the landscape, offering beautiful views while also enclosing the courtyard. This central space offers access to nature and opens the residence to the surrounding landscape. Also, it introduces plenty of light in the interior.

One of the benefits of having a central courtyard is the privacy it offers and also the serene views visible from all the rooms of the house. Structurally, this residence is organized into a low building facing south and a pool house in the north. These volumes are connected by a beautiful pergola. A central living room appears and it extends towards the exterior. Certain rooms benefit from panoramic views of the city and the surrounding hills.

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